Our Story

I remember as a little girl I mixed some ingredients imagining it to turn out being a miracle “cream”

 For many years I never gave that much thought, but having grown up on a Karoo farm, far away from doctors and shops, we often had to make use of self-help remedies. (“Boere-rate”)

 When we, as children, hurt ourselves, I remember my mom tearing a piece of cotton fabric and tying it around wherever the wound was. That was it. We would carry on playing, all forgotten.

We grew up without a thermometer, no emergency medicine box. No medical fund, never needed it! I recall my mom mentioning “Balsem KopivaBa” and  Turlington, Harlemensis and “Wit Dulsies”, amongst others; I recall my dad telling the doctor not to bring any Penicillin near me! We never knew about preservatives; we lived on fresh milk straight from our own cows, meat from our own healthy sheep and chickens; bread made from wheat off fields my dad planted himself. We played in the harsh sun, with summer temperatures well into the 30’s and 40’ s, we swam in the dams on the farm, with no chlorine to clean the water, just plain old water from the depth of the borehole. We rode our bicycles for miles on dusty roads, with no helmet, we breathed the fresh air of the Karoo. We learnt to trust the elements, we were dependent on the rain, the wind, the sun and sometimes even the moon. Droughts came and gone, we learnt about faith and about love. Love of family and friends, but most of all, the love of the soil, the plants; nature. Nature provided all we needed…


Life happened and after I left school, I lived my life in cities, traveling the world, raising children, surviving the rat race. With all that done and dusted, having survived the ups and downs, reality knocks on the door; I have a dream, I am looking for a new meaning to life.

Spending most of my time on my own, I live my life in my thoughts, in my garden, creating.

 I often relive my childhood, and day by day I realize life on earth is short-lived, we need to fulfill our dreams. Helping people and making the world a better place for others, making it easier for them, has always been my aim.

 So I started researching what I always loved; everything natural, everything nature! Nature provides all we need! My wish is to share my love of everything natural with the world; to hear how my natural products are helping people around me, to be of assistance. I started making these all-natural products a few years ago, just for personal use and as gifts. Needless to say, I have not bought any commercial skin product since!

 My story. Very personal, but that is who I am and I believe all a person has to give, is what one has…..I am giving this my all!

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Properties of natural oils used in Products

Boabab Oil:  Made from the dry fruit seeds of African largest Succulent plant – Tree of life. Traditional medicine.  High levels of vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex(tighten skin), anti oxidant, Omega 3,6,9(maintain integrity of skin cell membrane)

Carrot seed Essential Oil: From the Wild carrot: Disinfectant, antioxidant, Rich in Vit A and Carotene. Protects from wrinkles

Jojoba Oil: Dry Oil from Shrubby tree from arid areas. Is a liquid wax, closely resembles sebum, a substance produces by the skin glands.  Seals in moisture. Fully absorbed by the skin. Reduces oiliness. Contains vitamin E and B complex

Rose hip oil:  Classified as a dry oil, it quickly absorbs into skin. From the seeds of a specific variety of Rose. Contains essential fatty acids (emollients which improve skin flexibility and permeability), Vitamin E, Vitamin C(stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines) and        B carotene(form of Vitamin A) Improves skin’s moisture levels. Improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation, helps regain elasticity.

Argan Oil: Natural moisturizer from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree. Absorbs quickly. Rich in Vitamin A and E (boost cell production), packed with antioxidants, Omega 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Reduce sebum level on oily skin. Reduce inflammation caused by acne and heals damaged skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil: Mild hypoallergenic oil.  Contains Vitamin A, potent Vitamin E antioxidant and zinc. Rich in proteins and can provide the amino acids required for the formation of collagen. Easily penetrates the skin.

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